Website Development

Splendid Solutions is a leading expert in web development. Web Development is the core of the services that we provide for Ours clients. Our professional consultants bring experience and excellence in developing applications for Internet, Intranet and GroupWare. We are able to provide you with services to develop e -Commerce solutions either for Business-to-Business or Business-to-Commerce applications. Our portfolio includes sophisticated development tools such as Java, Net Fusion, and ASP, etc.

By integrating core business processes, web applications are revolutionizing the way companies conduct business. Splendid Solutions is providing internet-based business solutions that integrate new e-technologies and pre-existing legacy applications to create business value for our clients. Our solutions use the latest industry standards (J2EE, JSP, ASP, ASP.Net , PHP , COLD FUSION, XML), are highly scalable, more reliable and very flexible, due to our modular approach. The result is a faster development cycle, lower cost, and a faster “time to market” for our clients.

Our team has extensive experience with both stand along and network based Windows NT platforms applications and develops highly scalable multi-tier applications. Our expertise includes Java, JSP, Servlets, XML, C/C++, ASP, Site Server Commerce Edition, JavaScript, VBScript, CGI, Perl. JSP, PHP, Cold Fusion and Enterprise Java Beans. Here are just a few of the ways Splendid Solutions can change the way you do business:

Company Polices

  • Ramp up your existing web site to take advantage of the newest user-friendly interactive technologies.
  • Configure existing company data for dynamic accessibility for both Intranet and Internet.
  • Increase productivity by customizing data exchanges internally and externally, for both employees and outside partners, vendors and suppliers.
  • Revolutionize customer service by enabling your customers to manage their relationship with you through easy access to the information and resources they need, whenever and wherever they want it.
  • Expand your sales channels worldwide and make the Internet become your marketer. Our team of programmers and graphic designers work directly with your staff to quickly and affordably meet your e-business goals. This is a fully integrated approach, specifically tailored to your needs

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