Security Guard Software

Security organizations require simple, operationally effective scheduling systems that take their businesses to the next level. They need a system that automates paper-based processes, allows for accurate payroll/billing oversight, and provides total control over contractual coverage requirements.

SGMS (Security Guard Management services) is a complete solution for security companies, satisfying each of these needs. From Guard Scheduling to Billing to Accounting to Dispatch to Payroll, whether you employ 50 guards or 5000 guards, SGMS features include:

  • Online Guard Scheduling
  • View and manage schedules for all staff in daily, weekly, biweekly, 28 day, or monthly views.
  • Billing
  • Automated payroll and invoice functions
  • Check personalized schedules, work locations, and special shift instructions.
  • Review personalized timesheet data.
  • View personal training history, courses taken, and certificates earned.
  • Utilize personnel better to reduce overtime costs.
  • Single or Multi-user Login
  • Easy report to clients
  • Quick Sorting and Searching capabilities
  • Easily run comprehensive managerial reports such as unbillable overtime and margin by customer/site for full managerial oversight.

SGMS is designed to fulfill the software requirements of your security guard operation. We are confident our product will prove to be a powerful ally in organizing any security guard business or operation that you handle.

We provide this Security Guard Software through our approved suppliers in security industry .