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ISO 14001 Environmental management systems d

What is ISO 14001 ?
ISO 14001 2004 is an environmental management standard. It was first published in 1996 and specifies the actual requirements for an environmental management system. It applies to those environmental aspects which the organization has control and over which it can be expected to have an influence. The ISO 14001 environmental management system standard specifies a process for the control and the continuous improvement of an organization’s environmental performance. The standard develops a strategic approach to an organization’s environmental policy, plans and actions.

What are the elements of ISO 14001 systems? There are 17 elements of ISO 14001 environmental management system standard. They are as follows:

  • An environmental policy supported by senior management;
  • The identification of environmental aspects and impacts, and the identification of significant environmental impacts that the organization may cause;
  • Identification of legal and other requirements;
  • The development of objectives and targets, and their environmental management programs;
  • Defined resources, roles, responsibilities and authorities for environmental management;
  • The development of competence, training and awareness procedures;
  • A communication process of the EMS to all stakeholders and interested parties;
  • The development of EMS documentation as required by the standard;
  • The development of document control procedures;
  • The development of operational control procedures;
  • The development of emergency preparedness and response procedures;
  • The development of procedures for monitoring and measuring of operations that can have significant impact on the environment;
  • An evaluation of compliance procedure;
  • Procedures developed for the management of nonconformance, corrective and preventative actions;
  • The development of a records management procedure;
  • A program for completing internal audits and corrective action; and
  • The development of procedures for management review by senior management.

What are the benefits of having ISO 14001?

  • Improvements in overall environmental performance and compliance
  • Provide a framework for using pollution prevention practices to meet EMS objectives
  • An increasing number of customers ask for it, and many tender documents now require a copy of an UKAS certificate
  • UKAS Certificates are fully recognized throughout the world, and can therefore open up new markets for your business to improve business performance
  • A well-run QMS gives you real opportunities to improve how your business operates and increase your profit.
  • Increased efficiency and potential cost savings when managing environmental obligations
  • Promote predictability and consistency in managing environmental obligations
  • More effective targeting of scarce environmental management resources
  • Enhance public posture with outside stakeholders.

How can we help? We can carry out a gap analysis with our trusted partners, and help you meet the requirements of the standard by supplying samples of procedures, forms, and a manual for you to use to save time.

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