Internal Audit Services

Once you have a management system established, the internal auditing of that system is extremely important as it is crucial to its continued improvement.

  • Management system audits should be;
  • Planned and scheduled at regular intervals;
  • Completed by an impartial auditor.

Non-completion of internal audits as required by the standard will create problems:

  • Internally – not checking verification of your procedures;
  • For your external assessment – failure to complete audits will result in unnecessary non-conformances.

What are the benefits of having an external internal auditor?

  • The auditor is impartial to the audit process as required by any management standard;
  • Auditor experience – we audit a wide variety of businesses and industries and we may have knowledge that could help improve your process;
  • Your audits will be planned and scheduled, ensuring their completion;
  • “A Fresh look” – we are more likely to identify errors than an internal auditor who works in the area or within the organization

ISO Internal Audit Services from SIA Consultancy

  • We can offer you an internal audit service where we will manage the system on your behalf. This will guarantee that;
  • Internal audits are completed regularly;
  • Management reviews are held at least annually;
  • Any non-conformances raised are rectified;
  • We act as your management representative during the external assessment process.

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