What is the future of the Approved Contractor Scheme?
The industry has invested a great deal of time and effort in the existing voluntary Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), and many buyers (including the Scottish Government) require their security suppliers to be an Approved Contractor.

Industry investment in ACS is being protected, and the scheme will continue to operate under the new regulatory regime, providing assurance of the quality of the security service supplied. The change will be that the scheme will operate with amended criteria and conditions for approval, in order to take into account the elements that will be covered by the mandatory business licensing regime.

What is SIA ACS?
Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) is a voluntary programme set up by the Security Industry Authority (IA). The ACS works in parallel with licensing to set standards for suppliers of private security services. When your organization displays the ACS accreditation mark, you will reassure your customers, prospective customers, and employees that they’ve chosen to work with one of the very best security providers in the industry. They will know that your organization has been measured against, and has met, a rigorous set of independently assessed standards.

What are Benefits of SIA ACS?

When a business is accredited for SIA Approved Contractor Scheme, it is deemed that the business is trustworthy and reliable. SIA’s stringent verification standards ensure that only the very best Security Business License holders in the industry get accreditation.

  • Continuity of Service
  • Best Practice and Continuity of Quality
  • Clear Customer Focus and Increased Flexibility
  • Leadership and Innovation

What are the fees of SIA Approved Contractor Seheme?
The fees charged by the SIA relate to:

  • Pre-approval. The application fee, payable for processing of the application including initial eligibility checks.
  • Post-approval. The annual registration fee, payable on approval to cover the operational costs of the scheme. This fee is payable each year that approved status is maintained.
Size of Organisation Licensable Staff Application Fee Annual Registration Fee
Micro Up to 10 £400 £15 per licensable individual deployed*
Small 11 to 25 £ 800
Medium 26 to 250 £ 1,600
Large Over 250 £ 2,400
*This fee is subject to annual review and was reduced on 1 January 2012 from £17 to £15

What is Online Work book?
The first step is to register with the SIA ACS online and complete the online self assessment workbook (SAW).This Self Assessment Workbook provides the detail to enable organisations to show that they meet required British standards.It consists of nine criteria

What is private security industry Act 2001?
The Private Security Industry Act 2001 (PSIA) outlines a system for the statutory regulation of the private security industry.

Please note that this is the published version as of 2001. Other changes to our primary legislation may occur from time-to-time in Commencement Orders or other statutory instruments.

You can read the full text of the Private Security Industry Act 2001 here

* For more security news please visit sia web site

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